Spotlight: Finding Vivian Maier

Who’s Behind It: Two newbie directors, John Maloof and Charlie Siskel, are behind this documentary. The former is the man mainly responsible for ‘discovering’ Maier’s photography and maintaining her legacy, and the latter is a producer with credits on docs like Bowling for Columbine and Religious.

What It’s About: Vivian Maier is now considered one of the premier American street photographers, but was completely anonymous during her lifetime, which she spent as a nanny.

Why You Should Be Excited: Maier seemed, by choice, to be a very lonely soul with an astonishing eye for everyday magic moments. It will be interesting to see how these filmmakers, delving into the life and work of such a private woman, reconcile her posthumous publicity with her voluntary solitude during her life. Plus, we’ll undoubtedly be treated to an exhibition of her vast collection of amazing stills.

Finding Vivian Maier plays Monday September 9th at 4:45 pm and Tuesday September 10th at 7:15 pm.


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